Introducing the Fabulous Big Band Orchestra

Here's the real reason that us singers sound so damn good - THE BAND!  Without these marvelous musicians, none of this would be possible. While we work with many different musicians to fill the roster, we have a core group that has been playing together now for over 9 years. I'd like to take this opportunity to highlight those special people and the effort that they have put into our work. 
Trumpets Saxes Rhythm Trombones
  • Thomas Huckaby
  • Austin Noel
  • Ben Toman
  • Michael Hull
  • Clark Lambert
  • Robyn Moore
  • Emilie Smart
  • Zakk Garner
  • Ryan Rome
  • David Gambino
  • Stuart Sonnier
  • Doug Stone
  • Travis Henthorn
  • Chris Lee
  • Tyler Pertuit
  • Cody Coulon
  • Ross Hoppe
  • Blayke Weatherford
  • Trey Eubanks
  • Nathan Heck
  • David Ellis
  • BJ McGibney
  • Ryan Gideon
  • Ryan Williams


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